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Frequency Vibrational Shiatsu & Energy Healing Summary

Energy Healing OR Flowing Hands Energy Manipulation, Based upon ancient Native American healing methodologies, this form of healing utilizes 8 different types of manipulation of the "flows" of various energies to aid in healing human or animal bodies.  
The three main energy "flows" used often are:
1)  Draw flow, which is used to remove negative energies before the "sending" of any healing energy.  Unlike reiki, flowing hands energy manipulation uses the drawing out of negative energy from the body, (akin to the cleaning of the slate), so as to enable the healing energy when sent-to absorb into the body & make way for optimum energy balancing/healing.  You could also think of the glass of muddy water theory.  The analogy of this is, [the body is the water & the mud is the ailment and/or dis-ease].  In order to purify or "heal" the body, some of the "mud" or negative energy must 1st be removed, otherwise when the healing energy is sent, the healing is hindered or broken down due to the "mud" still residing within the water.
2)  Sending flow, which is the sending of raw pure healing energy from the Universe directly into the body, to the ailment and/or dis-ease site.  Sending is done also with using the power of intention.  Sending healing energy is also intention/direction specific & can be projected through different "layers" of tissue(s).  Energy being sent, if not directed specifically does not "know" where to go.  How would it know where to go-if not being directed somehow?  Healers using this form of sending healing energy also know when NOT to send energy, such as with a cancer or any type of abnormal growth.  Cancer feeds off energy, so it is very important for the energy healer to know when "not" to send energy!
3)  Wave flow, which is a form of manipulating the energy sent-either from the vibration from the tuning forks or just the "sending" of healing energy, in a ripple or wave-like manner, to disperse high doses of "sent" energy.  This aids in the distribution of a concentrated amount of energy & helps the energy levels to become more equally balanced and more evenly leveled out throughout a certain area of the body.

I have supplied the above information to give slight insight into what is actually taking place when I am doing energy healing.  It is very simplistic in form & it should also be taken into consideration that when the healer uses her "power" of intention during any energy healing, this just magnifies the entire process whether performing a FVS healing or just energy healing without the use of the tuning forks.

FVS - Frequency Vibrational Shiatsu, is a pure natural and balancing healing modality.  Regular sessions will not only heal but also, boost the immune system which then eliminates illness & potentially chronic disease.  FVS is a very profound experience; due to its purity, it has the power to restore any of those “blocked” flows of energy residing within the body thus, vitalizing body function, reducing stress & pain, and causing the immune system to maintain strength (keeping dis-ease and illness at bay). 
Because frequency & vibration together are such powerful healing tools, enabling integration of all of our senses and bodily functions; profound healing at the cellular level is promoted and achieved!

Due to the scientific fact that our thoughts emit frequencies, it is vital to consider that a client’s positive attitude relative to their health and well-being plays an important role in the overall ability to recover from illness and/or injury.  Also, if the client has the same feelings regarding receiving an energy healing, this will significantly affect the biochemical systems of their body.  Since all of the body’s neurochemical systems are inter-related; when the energy healing takes place, a domino effect ensues within the body to spark the proper energetic environment for the cells to heal.  The cells desire to heal and be healthy.  Given the right environment, they will do exactly that!  The body itself has the power to heal but, on occasion it needs assistance - this is where FVS comes in.  When the client pursues the FVS energy healing, that of which is a non-invasive treatment without chemicals (drugs) or needles, anticipating such - already creates a positive environment to begin the healing process.  The frequencies & vibrations used in this method of healing leave no debilitating side effects and there is also no building of immunity to the treatment, being that the human body is itself a living vibrating energy.  Resistance to this type of energy healing will never develop.
Oriental Medicine shares the same foundation of Shiatsu (A Japanese form of energy healing), and the use of tuning forks for healing (non-specified through time for various healing - such as sound or vibrational healing).  Both of these latter mentioned, formed the basis of Frequency Vibrational Shiatsu.  The ultimate goal equals the same when utilizing the similarly combined therapies – to achieve a harmony in the flows of energy.

It is the sound waves of the activated tuning forks once applied to the body, that enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.  These are high-energy acoustic waves from the vibrations that permeate through the skin and reach into the various parts of the body.  The tuning forks are placed on the body using either specific point patterns, trigger points, areas of pain or intuitive placement, allowing the access and opening of the energy pathways in the body.  The waves of the vibrations travel deep into the body affecting the physiology and reaches places otherwise not easily accessed by traditional (western) medicine.  A simple explanation of what happens inside the body is this:  the resonating wave-like patterns from the activation phase, sparks the cells to puff nitric oxide in natural rhythmic cycles, the chemical reaction of the stimulated cells.  Once this reaction begins to occur, it is in essence causing the cells to function to their optimum level.  Healing and inner harmony within the body is inevitably the result of this stimulation, and is encouraged to become balanced by the activation of the body’s physical and subtle energy fields.   

Again, because of this (FVS) method’s profound power to facilitate an increase in the body’s natural ability to heal itself, be assured of it’s intensity.  Here are just a few of the benefits that have been reported:

  • Pain is eased
  • Stress reduction & increased resistance to stress
  • Diminished states of depression & sharpened mental clarity, resulting from the balance of the autonomic nervous system
  • Enhanced cell vitality, vascular flow & heart healing
  • Naturally enhanced immune system, increasing the ability to fight/prevent infections
  • Greater levels of energy and stamina
  • Improved digestion

It is through this healing methodology that we are able to realign and re-harmonize with the greater cycles encapsulated by the universe. 
After receiving a FVS treatment you will undeniably experience a shift in your energy, a centered happy feeling, and a resonating state of relaxation.  The beauty of this also is that the FVS healing continues to work up to 48 hours after receipt of the treatment.  Another testimony to its power! 

FVS can be used on any/all ages, from infants up to adults.  The treatment is done with clothes on or in addition to a massage session.  If having both sessions, the FVS is done after receipt of the massage because the body is even more receptive to the energy/vibration healing resulting from the relaxed state already felt from the massage.  Either way – you will be relaxed!
FVS & energy healing can also be used to heal animals, as listed on the four legged testimonials tab.

Energy Healing Fees
Distance energy healing (human/animal) - $15 per treatment
*Payable thru Paypal* - [Service to be invoiced within 24 hrs. of healing]

FVS Energy healing (Energy manipulation w/tuning fork therapy):
30 Minute session - $ 30
60 Minute session -    45

1 hour massage - $55
 30 minute massage - 30
 90 minute massage - 75
120 minute massage - 95
     Flat rate house call fee add - 20
Travel over 15 miles – Will entail a mileage fee .30 cents per mile over 15 miles-one way

Intuitive FVS Animal Energy Healing
Smaller/normal size animal(s)-cats/dogs, etc. $ 25
Large animal energy healing (horses)  $ 50 
*If your animal needs prompt energy healing--do not hesitate to contact me!