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Hello to all out here in internet land. I wanted to write a short testimony about this wonderful woman Cindy Gugyela. She is the most wonderful human being with amazing gifts. My meeting her here was one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. It all started when my wonderful son got me a beautiful 10wk old German Shepherd I named Thor. He was 1 of 13 pups and all were born with demodex. At around 15wks he had more of his puppy shots and caught a cold. With his weakened immune system the demodex hit him very hard and I was on the verge of losing him. I had met on Facebook, Emily Pompei another awesome lady and she saw pics of Thor and put me in touch with Cindy. From the 1st moment of contact Cindy sent healing powers to Thor and I amazingly saw improvement at once. Not only did she continue this but also sent me a wonderful care package of essential oils to help him along. I can't begin to tell you what a help she was and how much that package helped him. But.... as sure as I am typing this her oils etc and her healing powers worked beyond my expectations!  If any of you doubt, know that I've seen nothing short of a miracle and I owe this lady much! Thank you Cindy for all you've done and all you do!  You are mine and Thor's angel of mercy and I will forever be grateful, thankful and in your debt. You are so filled with powers most of us can only wish for and are truly a gift! much love always...Pam Dale

Marcus first started to display signs that something was amiss on October 7th. He was keeping to himself, which is not like him at all & something just felt "off" with him. On the 9th, he had a very slight tilt to his head & I knew that he had come down with torticollis so on the 10th, he was off to the vet. He was started on Baytil first to treat for ear infection, the most common cause of torticollis but continued to decline so bicillin injections were added to his schedule. Still declining. Started treating w/Panacur for e.cuniculi which is a parasitic protozoa that about 80% of all rabbits carry but usually remain unaffected by. Some improvement but not very much so after great struggle with finding a vet who was open to trying something commonly used in Europe but not here so much, Ponazuril was added. Finally, we started to see progress! He had declined to the point while on antibiotics where he had zero balance and rolled helplessly until exhausted. After treatment for e-cuniculi began, he was able to stand & take several steps without falling over. His head went from being virtually pinned to his shoulder to having some range of motion. He began to be able to take actual hops instead of slowly walking about. I wrote about him & his fight against torticollis on my fb wall.
You were kind & generous enough to offer to send him healing energies. I checked on him about 2 hours after you sent them & I could feel that so much of the tightness in his neck & shoulders had been reduced & he seemed more energized. When I woke up in the morning & checked on him again, his improvement was marked. His energy level was even higher than the night before, his range of mobility with his neck continued to grow and to see him hopping around fairly rapidly, well I am not ashamed to admit it, put a smile on my face, a warmth in my heart & tears of joy in my eyes. I know that some people would poo-poo it & say that it was just the medicine taking effect but I know that is not the case. Yes, the medicine has been helping him but the progress while steady now, has been slow. The improvement in his energy, his balance, ability to take MANY quick HOPS before losing balance & being able to move his head about SOO much more freely was too great in too short a period of time to be attributed to anything other than the power of healing energy. I never told you which side he was tilted on so when you spoke of sending the energies to his left side, it reaffirmed what I already knew, that you are the real deal. You truly do have a gift for healing, Cindy.
Thank you, from all of us, for sharing your Gift with us. Namaste♥
Emily Pompei, animal advocate-friend (from Facebook)
*Healer's note: distance energy healing was done on 11/12/11*

We are all connected by an invisible force.
We all feel it from time to time.  You are thinking of a friend or family member that you haven't talked to in a long time and the phone rings and it is them.
Some of us are more connected to this force than others and some consciously use it to direct its healing energies to those that need it.  Cindy is one of those people. When our dog Red was hit by a car and broke his leg and dislocated his hip, it did not look like he would walk again.  The Veterinarians did what they could and the prognosis was not favorable.  Cindy immediately reached out and offered her healing thoughts and energies toward Red.
At the time his hind end was swollen and full of blood. The Vets said we can only wait and see.  Cindy did not wait, she went right to work with distance healing on Red and over the next week we watched with amazement and to the Vets surprise, as Red recovered faster than anyone else could have imagined, except for Cindy.  She even went to the point of sending an essential oil blend to use on the wounds to assist w/expediting the healing, I applied the oils enthusiastically as directed and could feel them working there magic also.  
I will always be grateful for Cindy's directed healing intentions towards Red's recovery which has now come full circle with no complications.
Thank you Cindy for all you do,
Brian Reid
Owner/Founder, Horses Know the Way Home
Healers note:  I spoke w/Brian on the phone in detail, regarding Red's condition after distance healing was done.  Brian relayed to me that the day he brought Red home from his surgeries to heal, he was distraught w/his feelings about how Red was going to heal seeing him in the condition he was in.  He went on the state how Red's entire abdominal area was extremely swollen and bruised with a great amount of fluid and blood lodged there.  
(2 surgeries were performed to insert a rod where his tibia was broken and his dislocated hip could not be relocated to where it would stay in place-so a pin was inserted to hold that together).  When I saw the pic's of Red that Brian had posted on his facebook page for "Horses Know the Way Home", all I could see was this poor injured soul and it cried out to me for help (Red didn't look well at all).  Since the animals can't ask for help, this is where we who are healer's must listen to their silent calls for help and intervene.  And so, this is exactly what i did!  
I sent Brian a message to let him know of the intervention distance healing that I performed  so he could monitor any changes that occurred as they did-to me, and it was astonishing the news he relayed to me after the healing set in!  Brian stated that the next morning after Red's 1st nite home, all the swelling and most of the bruising had disappeared.  He was marveled at this occurrence of healing and strongly attests to the witnessing of it!
*Thank U Red dog, for your quick response to the healing done for U & to the Universe for allowing me the healing gifts to share such as this!   C. Muirhead

I noticed a pimple like white bump on his lower lip approximately 1/8” inch in size, & decided to monitor it and was noticing it growing larger to the size of a small raisin so, Oscar was evaluated by the vet.  After being checked over by the vet he stated it appeared to be a canine version of the herpes virus (? simplex), evidently this is common among social canines- such as dogs who visit dog parks, share water/food dishes, etc.  The vet advised continued monitoring of any spreading or increased growth, recommending possible surgery if the size increased much more. After seeing this growth (Oscar is Cindy’s nieces dog), Cindy asked if it was all right to try some distance (remote) healing for this condition. The first interval after some remote healing was done, Cindy clarified the status of the growth w/her niece, it was noted that the growth had shrunk down in size to the size of a small baby pea.  2 more intervals of the distance healing were done and status was checked then, it was noted that the growth had completely fallen off after the last healings.  Amazingly, no surgery needed for Oscar now! It should be noted that the energy healer intuitively felt the growth was not actually a herpes related virus, but just a skin tag of sorts. It has been over 4 months since the onset of the condition and now sign of any return of any similar type growths on or around Oscar’s mouth.  His owners are delighted that surgery wasn’t needed after all!
Thank U Aunt Cindy, Kristy 
Earlier this year Diesel, my precious Lab x Kelpie turned extremely ill. He is a fit and healthy dog and ended up being diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.  His red blood cells were extremely low in that he needed a blood transfusion.  The vet didn't expect him to make the 14 hour night.  I was in such a distraught state, as i had rescued Diesel from an animal shelter only 4 years ago and he is like my child, losing him was not going to happen if i could help it.  He was put on some drugs and steroids, and i hated giving him the meds!  Cindy advised me to give him these tablets with calm and peaceful energy instead of feeling bad while preparing to give them to him, (because, she offered-that my negative energy would be going into the meds when I gave them to him.)  It was my positive energy that was what he needed when getting the meds!  I was talking to Cindy about this and she offered to do some energy healing work on him.  Cindy would tell me that she had done some work and to let her know if he would do certain things over the next few hours-in which he did-You see, she was intuitively connected to him...So I would give her verification of what she saw, when it would come into affect.  I couldn't believe what i was seeing!  I would tell Cindy that he was doing these things and she would continue to do more work on him.   Days went by and Diesel hadn't eaten much after the initial diagnosis, but after the 1st treatment of energy healing, his appetite increased dramatically & he started eating much better, it was amazing to see my baby who had been struggling for life & to even just lift his head, to have such a quick response after just receiving the distance healing from Cindy, and to actually see him eating was just so wonderful!  He had trips to the vet about 3 times a week and over the course of the next few weeks Diesel really started to pick up.  I truly believe that it's from all the work Cindy had done for him.  I can't thank her enough for helping me with my baby, he is well and truly back to himself!  
Thank you Cindy, you truly are an inspirational woman and I am a believer in your healer abilities!
Love, Kaia and Diesel
Hazelwood, Victoria, Australia

In July, ’09, Jake the lovely Labrador was a healthy 3 yr. old when he developed an insidious sarcoma on the side of his head under his ear.  The tumor had virtually popped up over nite!  It had to be surgically removed due to the quick progression of the size after just a week & a ½.  Once surgery was done, Cindy began energy/FVS sessions twice daily, & there was another lump inside the ear-above the original tumor site, that was trying to evolve.  The pathology report came back as a Level 3 sarcoma, w/poor prognosis and likely to reoccur.  The vet said it was either cancer trying to return or a fluid filled sac that would go away as healing occurred.  Well, that lump just kept trying to enlarge.  Cindy remained diligent in her work on Jake.  Energy work was done also throughout the days in between the 2 FVS treatments.  It wasn’t until mid-September that the lump inside the ear finally began to decrease in size.  Cindy continued w/determination in her healing sessions on Jake.  Ultimately, it wasn’t until the middle of November that the lump totally disappeared.  The last couple weeks of treatment, when it had reached the size of a pea, Cindy just did hands only energy work-no tuning fork therapy, it just kept getting smaller & smaller each day until it was gone! 
Cindy & Jake were very elated and pleased with the healing.  Now they could live happily together for many more years.  [Jake is Cindy’s precious pup]!

The 3 D's of Accomplishment:

While involved in a powerful spiritual program called The God Key, during the summer of 2012, and also in the midst of going through a divorce from my husband of 18 years, I experienced an epiphany.  I was petting my beloved Jake in one of those "low" moments & I remembered the work I had done on him after his experience I have shared here--and those three words came to me, it then dawned on me how I had used all three of these characteristics to accomplish what I had did while doing the healings on Jake, it was powerful inspiration from above!  I realized I had utilized discipline to take on the task at hand of performing the energy healing to help him, I was determined that I would witness powerful healing in doing so & lastly, I had the diligence each & every day for 4 months to do the necessary work involved in this healing endeavor.  I did witness a Miracle - as those who were in my immediate circle(s) did also, when Jake became a cancer WaRRioR...
  Now--today, I have this inspiration to remind me of how when I pursue anything that I desire to do, all I have to do is remember the 3 D's of Accomplishment & I CAN then have the attitude of "I'm not letting anything stop me!"  I know how powerful this attitude is...I am using these as my fuel for stepping into the future of my dreams, it has begun to happen already! I am seeing the Universe open up for me Hugely, since the door of marriage closed in finality for me recently.  There is so much more already opening up for me.  I am gladly sharing this story w/anyone whom I believe can benefit...  I believe there are many who can benefit from remembering The 3 D's of Accomplishment!!!
Ace the Horse  
She approached the melancholy beast ever so carefully-standing back away near the opposite side of the stall~waiting for him to be receptive-and allowing him to sense her energy so he knew it would be ok, he needn't be afraid...
The healer ...sensed empathically a sense of overwhelming sadness as she witnessed the beast just standing there w/his face in the corner of the stall, like a scolded school child doing a stand in the corner punishment... Tears welled up in the healer's eyes~~the beast is so Sad--he's been abused, tormented, hurt and emotionally broken.  He is out of balance.
She steps slowly closer to comfort him, gently touching his neck & head, he remains despondent-unsure, but is receptive deep down. She sends him positive energy-he begins to relax...She withdraws negative energy/toxins from C-1 then sends the pure universal healing energy thru him. He begins to relax ever more so slightly :-) He really knows now that all is OK...his energy becomes even lighter... more work on his 3rd eye and solar plexus chakras---he lets out some sighs of relief thru this...she massages his neck & back very comfortingly yet firmly along one side of his body, she slowly moves around to the other side to repeat the comforting, he is assured all is well now-he's very receptive and has forgotten about alot of the sadness that has lifted.....after completing the massaging he is totally comforted-he feels lighter, safer...  He is now standing w/his face out/away from the corner towards the front of his stall & her work is done-for today.....

The healer is allowed to cuddle close to the beasts neck temporarily and be at one w/his energy---her reward for her aid in helping the beloved beast. Goodbye nasty negative energy!

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