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"The Secret is the answer to all that has been, 
all that is, and all that will ever be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Look at each day as a chance to invest life into life. 
A chance to share your experience and deposit it into someone else's conscience. 
Each day is a chance to work miracles in the lives of others."
~Jim Rohn
Nebula Galaxy
Majestic Freedom

 Whenever death occurs, whenever a life form dissolves... God, the formless & unmanifested, shines through the opening left by the dissolving form.  
That is why the most sacred thing in life is death...
That is why the peace of God can come to you~through the contemplation & acceptance of death.... Eckhart Tolle

Breathe the Day
Awake, breathe into the new day,
Gratitude pours out of me ~so many blessings
A clean open slate this day is,
What shall I choose for the time
A part of me –from my will,
Into this day it is going to spill
Make it good, make it last,
The exchange shall soon pass
A blessing given for each of us here,
Make the deposit profound
Sprinkle pieces of me here & there,
Love uplifting – this I will share
Awareness, purity of consciousness,
Now ~this raw “single” moment
Always flowing constant-
Pay the debt – remember the deposit
Who shall I “positively” affect?
Sacred is the breath
  -Exhale the Love
    -Breathe the day…
© C. L.Gugyela

I am Beauty
 I am one who ~proudly
    -lacks vanity
I love the truth
    of inner beauty
Inner beauty in its simplicity
  -spews from my soul
For I am beauty
  -simple & true
No, not conceited
A product only,
of The Great Spirit
No fixation on appearances,
  masks of external beauty
    -in time these do eventually ~fade
No obsession here--
    beauty of the skin:
Clean shiny exterior - distracting all
reality, of its little mars
For I am beauty
  -simple & true
See into my soul
  then -know this beauty
No intimidation
  ~barely a reservation
For I am beauty
 -simple & true
This body -only a carcass of flesh and bones,
A garage where I store my soul~
Vanity - a vast & frail twig,
  easily splintered
minute aspect rotting with evil
  from the ego -filtered
For I am beauty
 -simple & true
Where does your beauty lie...
tied to the frailty of vanity?
Simple & true
  -Yes this is my beauty
rooted from my soul
*Ever powerful -adversary -to vanity~
(C) C. L. Gugyela, 7/28/11

"There is no remedy for love, 
     but to love more"  -H. D. Thoreau